Out and About: Maker Faire Orlando 2015 Was Fun and Educational for All Ages

As annual Orlando Science Center passholders, my family and I look forward to Maker Faire every year, but this year’s event was a bit of a tiring experience from us, but with no fault from the actual event.

Maker Faire Orlando 2015

I can say that we missed a lot of activities due to homework projects and kids being kids, not in a good way. But we did make it to the Science Center along with lots of other people.

The parking garage is not that big, and there is always a long line to park. It was good to see that arrangements had been made to park in another parking garage nearby. On Saturday, we had to park the alternate garage, and walk a few blocks. On Sunday, we were able to park in the garage at the center. For any special event, you need to plan on patience and allow time for this.

Maker Faire Orlando 2015

There were lots of new exhibitors this year. There were people set up in tents outside, which we didn’t make it out to due to the weather. I feel for those exhibitors. There was also another location in the area, the Orlando Museum of Art, that we missed. A parade from one building to another is also something else new to Maker Faire that we missed it. There was just so much going on and not enough time to do it all.

Maker Faire Orlando 2015

We did see everything in the Orlando Science Center itself. Maker Faire is not just about video games, programming, robots, etc., it’s also about making things with your hands. Crafts, including jewelry, soap, aprons, and lots of other things were sold. There was the world’s largest free standing video game.

Present were the Orange County Technical Services schools showing their programs. There was NASA. There were lots of science things that my family just loves. There were food trucks outside, but we missed them, too. The kids enjoyed playing video games, playing with cardboard creations, and our daughter even got to try her hand at being a meteorologist.

Maker Faire Orlando 2015

I will say that this year was a very good mix of exhibitors/vendors and people.  I am just sorry that we didn’t make it to the other locations.

Maker Faire is so worth attending. We plan on it every year! Unfortunately, this year ended up getting interrupted by other things. But as soon as the dates for NEXT year’s show are announced, it will go on our calendars!

Did you go to Maker Faire this year? What were your favorite exhibits?

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