CitySurfing Orlando is a website dedicated to both those that live in Orlando, Florida, and to those that are just visiting. It was founded in August 2010.

Unless noted, all articles, posts and images are original works and are fully copyrighted by Michelle Snow, the owner and editor of this blog.

We also have several freelancers who write for us:

  • Carol Garreans – Family writer
  • Kirk Garreans – Air/Space writer

We are not currently hiring any writers, but if you have a guest post that you think fits the topics covered by this site, contact us with a pitch. We don’t pay for guest posts, but if we publish it, you retain rights to your story and photos, and you get a linkback credit to your website.

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Thanks Daily City!

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We welcome comments on our stories, news and reviews, but there are some things that will get your comment deleted from our website:

  • Leaving a comment that has nothing to do with the topic of the post.
  • Heavy use of profanities
  • Hateful, inflammatory, or derogatory comments
  • Links to spam

We reserve the right to delete any comment if it falls in the above categories.


We at CitySurfing Orlando may occasionally accept invitations to attend special events, try new products, or visit places to review them. If we do, we plainly disclose that we have done so in the post.

Our opinions are never compromised by invites and comps, but we want you to know the truth.


If we ask for your name or other personal information (for contests, newsletters and commenting), we promise we will never sell, publish, distribute, or otherwise share that info without your permission. The only exception is if we are required to by law.

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