Out and About: Experiencing the New Lunch Bento Boxes at Morimoto Asia

Lunch Bento Boxes at Morimoto Asia

Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs recently began offering Bento Box dishes for weekday lunch, and this week, we were invited to try these new lunch options.

The restaurant has been offering a delicious Pan-Asian menu since it opened in September 2015, and I couldn’t wait to dig into these new lunches.

We were able to experience two of the three Bento Box options, and as usual, Morimoto Asia’s culinary team did not disappoint.

My guest tried the Orange Chicken Bento Box, which featured the restaurant’s popular dish accompanied by a mixed green salad with yuzu dressing, 2 crispy chicken dumplings, 2 kanikama sushi rolls, rice, and a choice of soup as an appetizer (she chose Miso).

Orange Chicken Bento Box Morimoto Asia

It’s a good sampling of the restaurant’s offerings, and my guest enjoyed every items – even the salad, which she usually never finishes.

The only item I could try off her plate was the main course, and the piece I ate had a nice outer crunchy coating, and plenty of delicious filling.

I went vegetarian with the Kung Pao Cauliflower Bento Box, which was accompanied by the aforementioned mixed green salad, with 2 crispy vegetable dumpling, 2 vegetable sushi rolls, rice, and a choice of soup.

Kung Pao Cauliflower Bento Box, Morimoto Asia

Now if you’ve been reading my food reviews on this blog, you know I have food allergies, and normally a lot of those ingredients are found in Asian food. But when I dine at Morimoto Asia, I feel safe because their service and culinary teams are trained to accommodate food allergies.

This visit was no different. After letting my server know of my allergies, she relayed them to the chef and the two were able to reconfigure my dish to be safe to eat.

They removed the mushrooms from the cauliflower dish, and the avocado from the veggie sushi rolls, along with giving me an allergy-safe soy sauce. They even caught that both soup options contained mushrooms and offered me an alternate appetizer of edamame.

Miso soup and Edamame
Miso soup and Edamame

This is not only great service, but also why I never hesitate to recommend the restaurant to those with food allergies.

Both Bento Boxes proved to be wonderful lunch choices. They were flavorful and filling, but not overly heavy. We both enjoyed a refreshing lemonade with our lunch.

We decided we had enough room to split a dessert and went with our server’s recommendation of the Japanese Souffle Cheesecake.

Japanese Souffle Cheesecake

OMG! You definitely don’t want to miss this, as it’s not your typical cheesecake. It’s light and extra creamy, sweet but not too sweet, and it was so good we spoon-fought for the last amount on the plate.

It came with chopped strawberries, and a strawberry sorbet, which were also delicious.

Morimoto Asia

Another great meal from Morimoto Asia. Service was outstanding but not overbearing, the food was delicious, and the restaurant is just a gorgeous place to enjoy your meal.

These new Bento Box lunches are worth heading over to Disney Springs for. They are served at the restaurant Monday through Friday from 11:30am till 3:30pm.

Reservations are highly recommended – make them online at MorimotoAsia.com or via the My Disney Experience app. Parking is free, and I suggest the Orange garage as its a slightly shorter walk. Also, go around to the left of Planet Hollywood to get to the restaurant instead of taking the big bridge…unless you like doing extra cardio.

Morimoto Asia

Disclaimer: CitySurfing Orlando was invited to try the Bento Box lunch at Morimoto Asia. As always, my review is honest, and my own.


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