Out and About: Creative City Project Brings Downtown Orlando Alive with Free Art and Music

In addition to checking out the Captain Morgan Cannon Blast party at Wall St. Plaza, I also ventured out onto Orange Ave on Saturday night (Oct. 17) to experience the annual Creative City Project.

Creative City Project - Orlando City SC

The entire street was shut down for several blocks and every few hundred feet was a stage or other artistic area to enjoy for free.

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Over the short time I was wandering, I caught an orchestra set up so I could stand in the middle of the performance, a ballet performance set against the backdrop of a skyscraper, an artist creating live as the audience watched, and more.

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In between the stages were small areas with individual happenings – I walked right into a game show asking “How Well Do You Know Orlando?,” caught street artists painting an homage to Orlando City soccer, and even made friends with a puppet.

And all of this was free!

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The only problem I had was I seemed to come up to a stage just as they were switching over to another performance. I also wasn’t sure who was performing in most cases because there weren’t any signs. There were pamphlets that I happened to find, with a map and performance times listed, but I wasn’t looking at my watch when I visited a stage.

As a result, I’m not sure about who I was watching, but I know I enjoyed all of it. But I guess that’s the fun of art, right? Discovering something you know nothing about and enjoying it anyways.

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I look forward to next year’s Creative City Project, and I hope to see you all down there supporting the Orlando arts scene. I’ll let you know when I hear of a date.

Did you go this year? Let me know what you saw and what you liked in comments!

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