Out and About: AIMExpo 2015 Delivers Fun With Motorcycles and ATVs

The 2015 AIMExpo happened this past weekend Oct 15 – 18th at the Orange County Convention Center. This is a trade show for motorcycle industry people, but it’s open to the public on the  17th and 18th.

AIMExpo 2015 - motorcycle wheelie

At the public portion of the event, you can get up close and personal with motorcycles of every make and model. If you are in the market for a new bike, this is a good show to be at. There are lots of accessory vendors, too. Everything from music speaker systems for ATV’s, Jeeps, etc. to clothing.

AIMExpo 2015 - Carol on motorcycle

I was able to sit on many different bikes, and get a feel for what it was like to be on one. If I had already taken a Motorcycle Safety Driving course, I could have actually test driven the motorcycles, as well.

AIMExpo 2015 - family on motorcycle

This is a very family friendly event. They have ATV training and demo areas, and my daughter Abby and I both drove an ATV. It’s important to have all the safety gear, and they provided it for our little adventure.

AIMExpo 2015 - family on motorcycle

We had fun this year! And I recommend going next year if you are looking for accessories or are just interested in motor sports. If you are shopping, it’s a very relaxed atmosphere. I did not feel the pressure to buy from anyone like can happen at dealerships. As soon as we know of next year’s dates, we’ll let you know…and maybe have more tickets to giveaway.

AIMExpo 2015 - concept motorcycle

AIMExpo 2015 - motorcycles on display

AIMExpo 2015 - snowmobile on display

Thanks to AIMExpo for hosting us on the public days!

[All photos by Kirk and Carol Garreans]

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