Fun Spot America Atlanta Launches All-New ArieForce One Coaster

Fun Spot America Atlanta -ArieForce One Coaster

Fun Spot America Atlanta, the sister park to Fun Spot America in Orlando and Kissimmee, has just opened its newest thrill ride, the ArieForce One Coaster.

Debuting to hundreds of guests on Friday, March 31, 2023, the coaster reaches speeds of 64 miles-per-hour as it flies across 3,400 feet of track, with several moments of air time.

The experience begins as guests wind through the queue line and into a hangar. Themed sets and displays set the tone as they will soon be piloting their own adventure through the air.

Two exclusive, state-of-the-art coaster trains await them as they head up the final steps. The ride’s runway begins with a climb up the towering 154-foot lift hill.

Once at the top, the train is thrust down a steep 83-degree first drop and then, exhilarating moments of weightlessness, airtime, four inversions, and the first-ever Raven Truss Dive.

Fun Spot America says the two Zero-G Rolls mimic what it would be like to pilot a fighter jet through the clouds.

Fun Spot America Atlanta -ArieForce One Coaster

“ArieForce One is the realization of our dreams,” said John Arie Jr., president and CEO, Fun Spot America. “My father’s lifelong passion for flight, combined with our shared goal to create a ride that brings the feelings a pilot has while soaring through the sky all come together on ArieForce One. It’s fun, it’s unique, and most importantly, it’s HUGE!”

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