Pay for Play Returns to WJRR to Benefit Hope Helps December 4

101.1 WJRR FM Orlando is teaming up once again with Mel’s Bad Girls Club (MBGC) for Pay to Play, an effort to raise money and awareness for Hope Helps this holiday season

WJRR Pay to Play
To do this, they will turn over the WJRR airwaves to the listeners of Central Florida on Friday, December 4 from 7am to 7pm, in exchange for donations.

Those who make donations of $20 or more, will be able to request any song that is normally within WJRR’s format of hard rock/metal. A $30 minimum donation will get ANY song played, even country, pop, jazz, etc. If they can find it to play and it’s radio friendly, they’ll play it.

Local bands can get their songs played for $100 minimum donation per song. ALL songs must be radio friendly. If your song contains material that they can’t play, they can “scrub” it for you to make it air-ready for an additional $5 donation.

Want to promote your business? A $250 donation sponsors an hour and your business will get a minimum of 5 plugs, you’ll be featured on the website, and you’ll be included in an upcoming Mel’s Bad Girls Club newsletter.

For more information, including how to donate or how to get your local band’s music on air, visit For more info on Mel’s Bad Girls Club, visit

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