Out and About: Limbhelados Serves Up Luscious Frozen Desserts in Downtown Kissimmee .. #Limbhelados #Limber #Kissimmee #EatLocal

Limbhelados Serves Up Luscious Frozen Desserts in Downtown Kissimmee

On a recent weekend exploring downtown Kissimmee with friends, we happened upon Limbhelados, which serves up Puerto Rican frozen desserts called Limber.

The desserts come in two sizes, starting at $3.49, and are made with natural ingredients, including real fruit. If you ask at the counter, they do have a few samples to try before making your decision.

Limbhelados in Downtown Kissimmee - samples

Flavors range from coconut and strawberry to tamarind and soursop, plus there were a few flavors with Nutella (and dusted with hazelnuts) that my chocoholic friends enjoyed. Some varieties even had a cake base.

Limbhelados in Downtown Kissimmee - nutella

I really enjoyed the simple coconut flavor that had real coconut pieces in it. It wasn’t overly sweet, so it was very refreshing. I also tried samples of the strawberry and pineapple flavors, and it they had a bright fresh fruit taste.

Limbhelados in Downtown Kissimmee - coconut

There is a small seating area inside, and a few outdoor sidewalk tables, but the desserts are also perfect to grab and take to a nearby park or home to enjoy.

Limbhelados is a family run business that makes their own product, so go support local and give them a try. They’re located at 107 Broadway in downtown Kissimmee, and are open Wednesday through Sunday. There is free street parking.

Limbhelados in Downtown Kissimmee

For more information, visit limbheladoskissimmee.com or visit them on social media at @LimbheladosKissimmee.

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