Gatorland Opens Zipline Attraction with Laser Light Show

It’s been several months in going from ground breaking to ready for guests, but this morning, Gatorland opened the newest attraction in the park: the Screamin’ Gator Zip Line.

It was an early morning grand opening celebration – 5am, to be precise. So early that the park hosted an awesome laser light show in the pre-dawn darkness to celebrate.

From the event, Gatorland President and C.E.O. Mark McHugh talks about the attraction and kicks off the grand opening in a video posted to the park’s Facebook page.

Want to ride the new attraction? Currently they have several time slots throughout the day with a 10-12 guest maximum per slot. The zip line experience does cost extra. With park admission, tickets for a ride on the zip line costs $69.99 per person.

Would you zip line over live gators?

[Photo courtesy Gatorland]

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