Hard Rock Cafe’s World Burger Tour Available Through June

Hard Rock Cafe's World Burger Tour 2016

The World Burger Tour returns to the Hard Rock Cafe, including the Orlando location, and will be available through June 30. The tour menu showcases international Local Legendary Burgers, which are created by chefs at each location to reflect the flavors of their city.

This year more than 160 local burgers were evaluated by Hard Rock’s culinary team with the following fan favorites selected to headline the World Burger Tour menu:

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Hard Rock Cafe Announces Lineup For First #WorldBurgerTour

For the first time ever, Hard Rock Cafe is giving guests a chance to sample Local Legendary Burger offerings, showcasing the flavor and ingredients at Hard Rock locations across the globe, as part of its new World Burger Tour menu.

Hard Rock Cafe  World Burger Tour

Chefs at Hard Rock Cafe locations are given the freedom to create a unique Local Legendary Burger that captures the local flavors of their city, and is only available at that cafe location.

That is, until now.

More than 150 local burgers were evaluated from Hard Rock Cafes around the world, and only a select few will appear on menus for a limited time at participating locations.

Here are the Local Legendary Burgers chosen for the Hard Rock Cafe’s World Burger Tour in Orlando:

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