WESH and WKCF TV Stations Not Currently Available from Bright House

If you are a customer of Bright House cable, you may have tried to tune in the Today Show this morning only to realize it wasn’t there. Or more correctly, the entire channel wasn’t there.

That’s because as of 12:01, Bright House stopped carrying the Hearst channels in Orlando. This includes WESH (the local NBC affiliate), WKCF (the local CW affiliate), Me-TV (an oldies station), This (a free movie channel) and Estrella (a Spanish station).

The carriage agreement between the stations and Bright House expired at 11:59pm yesterday, July 9. Unfortunately, the stations, and the cable provider could not reach an agreement, so none of the local Hearst stations are available to Bright House subscribers right now.

Hopefully this will get resolved soon, since the Summer Olympics are due to be aired over WESH, starting July 27. In the meantime, Bright House says they have made arrangements to carry WBRE, the NBC affiliate from Wilke-Barre, PA.

WESH and WKCF are still available for free via a digital antenna. I use this method, but for some reason, I can get WKCF, This and Estrella fine, but can’t get WESH or Me-TV.

Mid-Week Break: Orlando Around the Web for December 8, 2010

While I’m working hard to bring you news and reviews of things happening around Orlando and its surroundings, there are some other great blogs out there who are doing the same.

So here are some recent posts that you might enjoy reading.

If you’ve been outside at anytime this week, so far, you may have noticed it’s unusually cold in Central Florida. Like record (almost) cold. Well, according to WESH Channel 2, the “Cold Temps Affect Central Florida Theme Parks.” I kinda figured the water parks would close – after all, don’t want the guests turning into popsicles – but who knew that the cold could also affect the operation of coasters at the parks?

Thanks to a Twitter by Cole Nesmith, I discovered this FREE Christmas album download featuring in his words, “…lots of Orlando musicians (and some from far away).” He should know, as he’s one of them. Some great versions of Christmas classics – Nesmith’s version of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” and The Oceanauts two tracks are my faves – plus the sound mix is well done. Go download “Hey, It’s Christmas!

Pulse of Central Florida has a few guest posts from Veronique Conus on “Central Florida Thrifting” that are definitely must reads if you like picking up vintage stuff on the cheap.

Bess at Central Florida Top 5 has a great review of SeaWorld Orlando’s Christmas Celebrations. The Disney Blog also gave it a huge thumbs up, saying it was “a great family value.” I haven’t been to see it yet, but it’s on my list.

The Daily City talks about the upcoming holiday-themed art show “The Most Wonderful Happy Glitter Time Show” that is being hosted by Pom Pom’s Teahouse and Sandwicheria (one of my fave eats in town) through Jan 2, 2011. Grand opening reception is Dec 12 from 8pm-10pm.

Finally, over at The Orlando Blog, they spotlight a new holiday amenity provided by the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin hotels: Elf Tuck-In Service. That and the life-sized sculpted chocolate Santa should put you in the mood for Christmas.

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