Megabus Opens Up Atlanta Hub with Service to Orlando

Earlier this month, we did a story on the new Greyhound Express routes to Orlando. Well it seems they’re not the only company bringing cheap bus fares to Orlando.

Megabus has opened up an Atlanta hub and is now offering a few Florida routes, including Orlando.

Fares start at $1 per connection and sometimes they run specials where a code word will get you a free ticket. As the bus fills up, the fare goes up, so it’s best to book early and if you’re flexible in your travel dates, check the days before and after for lower fares.

They also tack on a 50 cent per order transaction fee, but you can’t complain when it’s possible to go round-trip to Atlanta from Orlando for less than $5 if you time it right.

Besides low fares, there are other reasons to check out traveling with Megabus, including free wifi and power outlets in each seat. They also have dozens of stops in the Northeast and Midwest. In fact, if you’re creative enough, you could even do a circle tour of states east of the Mississippi.

I’ve actually ridden with Megabus and I really liked them. For more information or to price routes, visit

...|: Megabus route system

Daytona Beach Offers Spring Vacation Deals and Options

Whether you want a beach getaway or just a daytrip from everything there is to do in Orlando Daytona Beach is a great choice.

Right now many of the city’s hotels are offering great deals – as low as $79 a night for stays from now through May 20.

And in addition to the normal beach fun, there are some cool events coming up including:

  • Native American Earth Festival (April 14-15)
  • Port Orange Jazz Fest & Art Fest (April 20-22)
  • King of the Inlet Fishing Tournaments (April 21 & May 19)
  • Halifax Oyster Festival (April 28); Art of the Automobile (May 4-5)
  • Ormond Beach Art in the Park (May 5-6)
  • the Ormond Beach Celtic Music Festival (May 19-20).

To get more information or to see the deals being offered, visit

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