Mid-Week Break: Orlando Around the Web for February 02, 2011

While I’m working hard to bring you news and reviews of things happening around Orlando and its surroundings, there are some other great blogs out there who are doing the same.

So here are some recent posts that you might enjoy reading.

If you missed the Orlando Flash Mob that appeared Saturday afternoon at the Mall at Millenia, you can catch it all on YouTube.

Miss last weekend’s Monster Truck Jam? Orlando Attractions magazine has a full photo recap of the sold-out event. They also took to the sky for some aerial views of the transformation of Downtown Disney’s Pleasure Island to Hyperion Wharf.

Want more photos? Ok…Orlando Sentinel has a gallery up from last weekend’s Warrior Dash down in Lake Wales. Local media maven Ted Murphy has his own personal recap of the event and makes it sound so much fun that even I may participate next year.

There’s no library in the Four Corners area of Polk County, so, as CFNews13 reports, they’ve come up with an unusual solution – vending machines.

Back to the Orlando Sentinel, as Sherry Boas takes us on a tour of Orlando’s Asian supermarkets.

I wasn’t able to attend the Shipyard Emporium’s grand opening last week due to a cranky car, but there’s a great photo gallery courtesy of Amie Mizell.

Finally, if you’re looking for stuff to do, The Daily City has the rundown on all of the free events during the next two weeks of United Arts ArtsFest 2011.

Are You Ready for the Central Florida Warrior Dash?

I know quite a few of our readers participate in marathons, Iron Mans and other competition races. But if you’ve got the skills, stamina and the desire to do something crazy, you’ll want to check out the Warrior Dash.

As the creators describe it, Warrior Dash is a mud-crawling, fire-leaping 5K run from hell. Literally.

Contestants run a course filled with obstacles. Some you climb over, some you wade through, and some (like the fire pit) you jump over. It’s definitely not a Point A to Point B straight race.

The event is held in many locations throughout North America, and January 29 and 30, the Warrior Dash will be held at the Triple Canopy Ranch in Lake Wales.

The race is only 3.02 miles long, but it’s the course itself that will take its toll on you. You will get wet, muddy, dusty, dirty and tired. According to event organizers, it will be one of the craziest days of your life, and having seen the online map of the course, I believe it.

Oh, did I mention they even give you a Fuzzy Warrior helmet (see photo), a t-shirt and finishing medal, along with a free beer plus a post-race snack and water. There’s also free entertainment after it’s all done.

Cost to participate is $60 for Saturday and $50 for Sunday and if you want to do this, register this week, because you won’t be able to after Monday, January 17, at 3pm. That’s the cut-off deadline.

All details, including what to bring and what to expect, can be found at the Warrior Dash website set up by Red Frog Events, who are behind this crazy weekend event.

If you plan to do it, let us know.

[Photo courtesy Red Frog Events]

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