News from IAAPA: PolerCoaster Coming to Florida in 2016

How would you like a ride that combines the loops and speed of a rollercoaster with the vertical drops of a tower ride? Enter PolerCoaster, which will be coming to Florida in 2016.

PolerCoasterUS Thrill Rides, an Orlando-area company, announced at this week’s IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando that a version of their PolerCoaster ride would be built within Florida.

The PolerCoaster is a vertical roller coaster with the track compacted into a tower design, instead of being stretched out like a normal coaster. Riders board the passenger vehicles at ground level, and then ascend up to the top in a spiral pattern. Once at the top, they descend with rolls, loops, inversions, and sharp dives, at speeds of more than 60mph.

At the top of the attraction is a two-level enclosure that features room for a 360-degree observation deck, a restaurant, and retail shops. Glass elevators will ferry non-coaster riding guests to the top, through the center of the tower.

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