Out and About: MegaCon 2014 Day 2 Recap

MegaCon 2014 cosplay

In the realm of sci-fi and comic conventions, Orlando’s MegaCon is one of the biggest in the country. We braved all three days to bring back photos and this recap is of our adventures on Day Two.

Arriving early on Saturday, we were again greeted with a wall of traffic just to park. It took over an hour, and I made it inside with 10 minutes to spare before the first panel I wanted to see.

MegaCon 2014 James Marsters

Actor James Marsters was also late due to the traffic, but once the panel started, he regaled us with stories about his days on the sets of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Torchwood. Fielding questions from fans, he also sang a little bit, and plugged his band’s concert later that evening at MegaCon.

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