CitySurfing Orlando’s Picks For Celebrating National Margarita Day Feb 22, 2020 .. #NationalMargaritaDay

February 22 is National Margarita Day

Not that you need a reason to enjoy a margarita, but this Saturday, February 22, is recognized as National Margarita Day.

According to legend, a socialite named Margarita Sames created the first margarita in 1948 at her hacienda in Acapulco, Mexico. She mixed together tequila, Cointreau and fresh lime juice, which today remains the basic recipe for a margarita.

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Out and About: Tony Roma’s Serves Up Delicious New Classics Menu Through April 28, 2019 @TonyRomas

CitySurfing Orlando visited the Tony Roma's on International Drive to sample the New Classics Menu, and this is our review.

Tony Roma’s is known for their ribs, but they also do traditional dishes well. Case in point is the limited-time New Classics menu that serves up favorite dishes with a bit of a twist.

We were invited to sample the New Classics, and found them all incredibly tasty.

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Out and About: Trying out Tony Roma’s New Fire Grill & Lounge

Tony Roma's Fire Grill & Lounge

Earlier this week, we were invited to join several other local bloggers to try out the new incarnation of Tony Roma’s, the new Tony Roma’s Fire Grill & Lounge on Lee Vista by the Orlando Airport.

Not only does it have a new, warmer, decor, but the menu is new, as well, emphasizing comfort foods and dishes grilled over a wood fire grill.

We were prepared to sample the delicious new offerings created by Bob Gallagher, Vice President of Culinary and Purchasing, but we had no idea at how amazing this new menu is.

Tony Roma's Fire Grill & Lounge

The evening started with a few drinks while we were waiting for everyone to show up. We tried a Wood Aged Margarita and a Swindler, which was a very tasty mix of apple pie moonshine, Fireball whiskey, and housemade sour, with a cinnamon stick for garnish. It tasted like the filling of an apple pie – so yummy!

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Out and About: Tony Roma’s Introduces New Menu Items for Fall 2013

Earlier this week, I participated in a dinner with many of my fellow Central Florida bloggers, and during it, we got to sample some of the new menu items at Tony Roma’s restaurants.

We started with Cranberry Romaritas, a signature margarita, while waiting for everyone to arrive. There was also an option to sample Sam Adam’s Octoberfest beer, which would feature as an ingredient in one of the menu items we were to try later.

Tony Roma's Screaming Cheese
Tony Roma’s Screaming Cheese

The brought out three appetizers for us to try. The first was called Screaming Cheese. I grew up on fried cheese (curds, mozzarella, etc), and Tony Roma’s version didn’t disappoint. It had slightly spicy cream cheese inside, so it was creamy soft inside and crispy outside from being fried, and plated with marinara sauce. Very tasty.

Tony Roma's Buffalo Chicken Eggrolls
Tony Roma’s Buffalo Chicken Eggrolls

Next up was Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls with Goat Cheese sauce. If you like Buffalo chicken wings, you’ll enjoy this variation. Inside the fried wonton wrappers was a spicy chicken mixture, with crumbles of bleu cheese on top.

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