Tijuana Flats Offers Limited Edition Hot Sauce for Breast Cancer Charity #tijuanapink

Tijuana Flats Add Fire to the Fight hot sauceOrlando-based Tijuana Flats has announced a special limited edition bottle of their Just In Queso hot sauce will be sold this month, with proceeds going to charity.

$3 of every $5 bottle of the Add Fire to the Fight sauce will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The sauce can be purchased at the restaurants, or online at tijuanaflats.com.

Visitors to the chain’s many locations can also make their tacos pink (with pink hardshells) for $1 more, with the proceeds also donated to the charity.

The sauce is a bit spicy, but not burn-your-mouth spicy. Pick up a few bottles for yourself and the foodies you know.

Around Orlando: Tijuana Flats on Sand Lake Road

Tijuana Flats is one of my favorite places to eat, since they always offer great food at a great price. Plus they have an amazing hot sauce bar with everything from no heat to “OMG I just burned the lining of my mouth off” heat.

They have various locations around Orlando, and I recently paid my first visit to one of their newest locations, on Sand Lake Rd in Dr. Phillips.

Here are some photos from my visit:

Interior of restaurant
Interior of restaurant
Tijuana Flats hot sauce bar
Tijuana Flats hot sauce bar

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