Walt Disney World Raises 2019 Ticket Prices During Peak Periods

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World has raised its ticket prices this week for dates that fall within peak periods of business, such as Christmas holidays.

According to Disney’s website, from Christmas to New Year’s, a one-day, one-park “peak period” ticket is now $159 plus tax, which is a $30 increase.

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Breaking: Walt Disney World Raises Ticket, Pass, and Parking Prices Effective Feb 11, 2018

Walt Disney World - Fireworks during the day at Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World announced it is raising the prices of daily tickets, as well as annual passes and parking fees, effective Sunday, February 11, 2018.

The cost increase on one-day one-park tickets will vary according to season and park, going up as much as $7 a ticket.

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Universal Orlando Begins Seasonal Pricing on Tickets

Universal Orlando park globe

Effective this week, Universal Orlando is charging higher prices at the gate for one-day tickets under their new Seasonal Pricing policy.

Normally one-day/one-park tickets are $105 for adults and $100 for children, but since the parks have entered their busysummer season, a one-day/one-park ticket at the gate will now set you back $119 for adults and $114 for children.

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Walt Disney World Announces Seasonal Ticket Pricing for One-Day Tickets Effective Today

Walt Disney World has announced this weekend that they will be changing their static one-day ticket non-park hopper ticket prices to a seasonal one-day ticket pricing, effective today, February 28, 2016.

Photo by Jen Vargas

What this means is that there will now be three levels of ticket pricing for one-day non-park hoppers, where the price will reflect how popular they expect the day to be.

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Universal Orlando Raises Single Day Ticket Prices for 2016

This Wednesday, Universal Orlando raised its ticket prices for single day tickets to its theme parks.

Universal Orlando park globe

A one-day single park ticket is now $105, up from $102. A park-to-park single day ticket is now $155, up from $147. Park-to-Park is needed for those wishing to ride the Howarts Express between the two Harry Potter lands.

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SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa Increase Gate Prices by $2

SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa have announced price increases for tickets purchased at the gate today.

SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa logos

Both parks are increasing the general admission price by $2. SeaWorld Orlando is now $99 for adults and $94 for children 3-9. Busch Gardens Tampa is also $99 for adults now.

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SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa Change Ticket Prices This Week

Effective today, May 21, SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa ticket prices will change.

SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa

Visitors will now pay $97 at the gate for a single-day ticket at either park. This is a $2 increase. The Fun Card will also increase to $97.

However, both parks are dropping the advance-purchase price of weekday tickets that can only be used Monday through Friday to $70. That’s a $5 savings.

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Universal Orlando Next Park to Raise Ticket Prices Again

Universal Orlando park globe

Less than a week after Walt Disney World raised their ticket prices, another Orlando theme park has announced their rates have gone up, too.

Universal Orlando‘s one-day/one-park tickets for adults are now $102, up $6 from the previous price. Meanwhile a one-day/two-park ticket (needed if you want to ride Hogwart’s Express) is now $147.

There are discounts for multi-day passes. A two-day/two-park pass is $194.99 (with a bonus 3rd day for a limited time), a three-day/two-park pass is $204.99, and so on.

Florida residents get better deals on multi-day passes. A two-day/two-park pass is $150.99, and a three-day/two-park pass is $160.99.

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Walt Disney World Ticket Prices Go Up Again February 22, 2015

Starting today, February 22, Walt Disney World daily tickets will cross the $100 barrier, as the theme park once again raises prices.

Walt Disney World - Fireworks during the day at Magic Kingdom

It’s been almost exactly a year since the last ticket increase, but Disney officially confirmed what had been rumor for several weeks: one-day ticket prices to Magic Kingdom will now be a record $105 plus tax.

Prices at the other three WDW parks are also increasing, but they will stay under the triple digits at $97 for a one-day/one-park ticket.

By comparison, ten years ago, a one-day/one-park ticket cost less than $60.

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