SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa to Raise Ticket Prices

Just before the start of the busy summer season, SeaWorld Orlando and its sister park Busch Gardens Tampa have raised ticket prices, starting today, May 19, 2014.

SeaWorld Orlando and its sister park Busch Gardens TampaThe price of a general admission one-day ticket to either SeaWorld or Busch Gardens is now $95, before tax, and increase of $3. Multi-park tickets, offering admission to both or with Aquatica Orlando have also increased.

The news isn’t all bad, though.

SeaWorld Orlando has also launched new discounts for advance purchases of daily tickets. Called the “Any Day” ticket, you can purchase this one-day ticket for $80, a $15 savings of the gate price. Save even more with the advance purchase of a “Weekday Ticket” for only $65, which allows admission any Monday through Friday, for a $30 savings off the gate price of a one-day admission. Both tickets can be used up to one year after they are purchased.

To purchase these advance tickets, visit

Both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando raised ticket prices earlier this year, in February.

Universal Orlando Raises Their Ticket Prices Again Effective February 26, 2014

Universal Orlando raises their ticket prices again three days after Walt Disney World raises theirs.

Universal Orlando LogoEffective today, February 26, a one-day, one-park adult ticket is $96 plus tax, up from $92. A one-day, two-park adult ticket went from $128 to $136.

The price for a children’s a one-day, one-park ticket jumped from $86 to $90. A one-day, two-park children’s ticket went from $122 to $130

Planning on staying longer? Multi-day tickets have also increased. For a two-day, one-park adult ticket, it’s now $155.99, up from $146.99. A two-day, two-park ticket jumped from $166.99 to $195.99 – an almost $30 increase.

This summer, Universal Orlando will open The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley at the Universal Studios Florida park, which will be connected to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure by the Hogwarts Express train.

Visitors must have a two-park pass to be able to ride the train from one park’s Potter land to another, and since guests will probably need more than one day to see both Potter lands, that extra $30 is going to add up to big revenue for Universal.

So this news leaves only SeaWorld Orlando as the last of the big Orlando theme parks to raise their prices. Any bets on when that will happen?

What do you think of Universal’s ticket increase?

Walt Disney World Raises Ticket Prices Again Starting February 23, 2014

Effective Sunday, February 23, a Walt Disney World ticket will cost you more again, as the theme park raises it’s prices for the second time in less than a year.

Walt Disney World ticketDisney will hike the price of a Magic Kingdom one-day ticket to $99, up $4 from last summer’s price increase.

Meanwhile a one-day ticket to Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios will increase to $94, up from $90.

These new ticket prices will be reflected on the Walt Disney World website starting Sunday. Of course, there will still be discounts for multi-day tickets, but those will go up as well.

For more information, visit

What do you think of this latest price increase? Do you still feel Disney is worth the price?

SeaWorld Orlando Raises Ticket Prices In Line With Other Major Theme Parks

SeaWorld Orlando orcaSeaWorld Orlando announced this week that it is raising the price of a one-day ticket from $89 to $92, effective immediately.

It might only be $3, but this is the third time in a year that prices have gone up at the theme park. In July 2012, basic admission was only $81.99. The park says they are also raising the price for Fun Cards, the promotional Florida/Georgia resident tickets that allow them to pay for one day and get the rest of the year free.

The price hike comes just as the park has opened its newest attraction, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. It’s the largest expansion in the park’s history.

Fellow theme parks, Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World, have also raised ticket prices in recent weeks. This means to buy a one-day/one-park ticket to any of the big three will cost you more than $100, after tax.

Walt Disney World To Raise Ticket Prices on June 2, 2013

Walt Disney World ticketWalt Disney World has announced they are raising ticket prices as of June 2, 2013.

With Universal Orlando raising their base one-day ticket prices last month, it was only a matter of time before WDW did as well. What is unusual is that not all of their one-park/one-day passes have gone up the same amount.

For Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom, a one-day/one-park ticket will now cost $90 (plus tax). However, Magic Kingdom’s one-day/one-park ticket will now cost $95 (plus tax).

Yup, the MK one-day/one-park ticket will now cost $5 more than the other three parks. Maybe to help pay for the New Fantasyland expansion?

A full list of all the new prices can be found at the official Disney blog.

Will these new prices impact your plans to visit Walt Disney World?

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