Celebrate National Ice Cream Day at These Six Orlando Shops

Sprinkles ice cream in Disney Springs - Cap n Crunch and Red Velvet

Today is National Ice Cream Day, but let’s be honest, every day this hot summer is ice cream day, am I right? However, since today is an official ice cream day, I’ve picked my fave spots in Orlando to enjoy this creamy treat.

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Out and About: #OrlandoMeetandSweet Delivers the Treats to Sample

Last week I attended a blogger event called #OrlandoMeetandSweet that showcased several local dessert companies, and it was a great evening of yummy treats.

#OrlandoMeetandSweet by The Blogger Meetup

Held by The Blogger Meetup at Ember, it was an evening of local bloggers combined with local companies showcasing their sweet products.

I started by taking photos of all of the treats before I started sampling. I figured I’d get that out of the way before I got sugared up.

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