Out and About: Trying Out Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake Pizza

Papa Murphy's pizza stores

Earlier this week, I was invited to join several other bloggers to learn more about Papa Murphy’s pizza stores. The company is different from others in that their products are take-and-bake, meaning they prepare the pizza instore, but you cook the pizza yourself at home.

So the big question is why would somebody take-and-bake when they can just call up and have a pizza delivered, already cooked.

The answers we found were freshness and customizability.

Papa Murphy's pizza stores
The cooler, mixer/chopper, and dough hopper at Papa Murphy’s.

Papa Murphy’s locations do not have freezers. Nothing is shipped or stored frozen. They make the pizza dough in store from scratch, as we witnessed yesterday morning. They also cut and shred all the toppings in store as well. This means everything that goes on your pizza is fresh, and that is something you can really taste in the final product.

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