Fun Spot to Build Three Rollercoasters at Orlando Location

Fun Spot is a nice alternative to the theme parks. The two locations – Orlando and Kissimmee – are smaller and less expemsive.

Both attractions feature carnival-style rides, go-karts, and a SkyCoaster swing ride.


Now, it appears the Orlando location will be expanding and upping the thrills with the addition of three rollercoasters.

White Lightning will be Orlando’s first wooden rollercoaster. The name is inspired by Orlando’s reputation for being the “lightning capital of the world.”

The coaster will feature wooden tracks with metal supports. Among its highlights will be a 75-foot lift hill with a 58-degree drop, as well as banked hills and sharp turns.

Great Coasters is building the coaster. They also built Busch Garden Tampa’s Gwazi dueling wooden roller coaster.

The second coaster doesn’t have a name yet, but it is a suspended coaster. This means that instead of the seats being on top of the track, riders are hanging from the track, with the feet dangling in the air. It’s being built by the Dutch company Vekoma.

The third will be a children’s roller coaster.

Fun Spot will also be adding more traditional amusement park-style rides, as well as expanding the go kart tracks.

There will also be a new entrance building and a new parking lot. The size of the attraction will increase from 5 to 15 acres.

This part is expected to be done by spring 2013. Once it opens, Fun Spot will change its name to Fun Spot America.

A few years down the road, the attraction plans a “phase two” of the expansion, that will include the addition of a water park, and possible a dinner theater complex.

No word on what the prices will be when “phase one” opens, but I expect it to be comparable to the theme park ticket prices.

Fun Spot Orlando is located at 5551 Del Verde Way in Orlando. That is one block east of the intersection of International Drive and Kirkman Road, near Universal Orlando. Their phone is 407-363-3867.

Here are some artist renderings of the park map following the renovations, courtesy of Fun Spot Attractions:

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