Orlando Shakes Announces 2019-2020 Theatrical Season @OrlandoShakes

Orlando Shakespeare Theater has announced it has changed and shortened its name to "Orlando Shakes," as a way to better represent the theater's mission and diverse body of work.

Orlando Shakes, in partnership with UCF, has announced the upcoming productions for their 2019-2020 Season, and they include an Andrew Lloyd Webber hit musical, three Shakespearean classics, a new Christmas staple, two new works that shed new light on history, and three children’s stories brought to life.

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Actress Ginnifer Goodwin Visits the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

How’s this for an unusual crossover? Actress Ginnifer Goodwin, currently starring in ABC’s hit TV series “Once Upon A TIme,” was recently in Orlando. While she was here, she took time out to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando.

On her show, Goodwin plays dual roles, one of which is Snow White.. Shhh! Nobody tell the Evil Queen where she is.

[Photos courtesy Universal Orlando]

Lady Gaga vs the Evil Queen at Magic Kingdom

Following her amazing show in Orlando on Friday, Lady Gaga hit the theme parks yesterday (April 16).

While out and about, she ran into the Evil Queen from Snow White at the Magic Kingdom. Comparing snacks? Exchanging fashion tips? Who knows what these two divas talked about, but it doesn’t appear Gaga felt the need to watch her back.

Photo courtesy Walt Disney World/Todd Anderson, photographer.

New Round of Disney-Inspired Photos by Annie Leibovitz are Released

Ok, so these don’t specifically have to do with Orlando, but since they are part of a marketing plan to bring people to the Disney parks, I’m posting these new photos taken by acclaimed photographer Annie Leibovitz. They also star some famous faces in iconic Disney roles.

Enacting a scene from Snow White, Emmy award-winning actor Alec Baldwin and actress Olivia Wilde portray the evil queen and her mirror. The tagline reads, “Where magic speaks, even when you’re not the fairest of them all.”

Appearing as Beast is Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges, opposite another Oscar-winner, Penelope Cruz as Belle. The celebratory moment’s tagline reads, “Where a moment of beauty lasts forever.”

Finally, award-winning musician and actress Queen Latifah enacts her dark side as the Little Mermaid’s nemesis, the Sea Witch Ursula. Her tagline reads, “Where memories take hold and never let go.”

The portraits will appear as a special insert in the April issues of O — The Oprah Magazine, People en Español, Real Simple, Essence, and InStyle as well as the March 28 issue ofPeople.

I love this series of photos. What do you think of them?

[Photos © Walt Disney World/Annie Leibovitz]

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