Universal Orlando Begins Seasonal Pricing on Tickets

Universal Orlando park globe

Effective this week, Universal Orlando is charging higher prices at the gate for one-day tickets under their new Seasonal Pricing policy.

Normally one-day/one-park tickets are $105 for adults and $100 for children, but since the parks have entered their busysummer season, a one-day/one-park ticket at the gate will now set you back $119 for adults and $114 for children.

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Walt Disney World Announces Seasonal Ticket Pricing for One-Day Tickets Effective Today

Walt Disney World has announced this weekend that they will be changing their static one-day ticket non-park hopper ticket prices to a seasonal one-day ticket pricing, effective today, February 28, 2016.

Photo by Jen Vargas

What this means is that there will now be three levels of ticket pricing for one-day non-park hoppers, where the price will reflect how popular they expect the day to be.

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