Out and About: Trying Out Red Lobster’s New Seaside Express Lunch Menu on September 21, 2013

Confession…until this last Friday, I’d never eaten at a Red Lobster. I have seafood allergies, so I stayed clear. Until I was invited to try out their new Seaside Express Lunch concept.

Red Lobster Seaside Express Lunch bannerThe idea is that this is a fast lunch, but also a good meal at a good price. Still, I was worried my allergy wouldn’t allow me to sample anything but dessert…that is until I took a look at the menu. Not only were there some amazing seafood dishes, but there were burgers, chicken tacos, soups, salads, and more.

I decided to accept the invite, and along with Carol Garreans, our family reporter, we showed up at the E. Colonial location on Friday for lunch.

The procedure to order is simple. State you’re interested in the Seaside Express Lunch, and the host will direct you to a section of the restaurant reserved for those dining on this menu. You place your order and pay. Then you get your beverage and take your seat with a numbered card. A server will bring your food out to you. The idea is you still get a sit-down meal, but the process is speeded up slightly, making it perfect for those on a schedule, especially since you don’t have to wait for your check.

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