Shipt Now Delivers Alcohol in Orlando and We Tried it Out

Shipt and ABC Fine Wine & Spirits offer home delivery in Orlando

Have you ever run out of beer during a football bash? Have you ever realized you’re missing an ingredient for your special drink you’re serving at a party? Have you ever thought “Wonder who I can get to go to the liquor store for me?”

Well, thanks to a partnership between Shipt and ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, you can send them to get what you need, and have it delivered to your front door.

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Out and About: Orlando Shakespeare Theater Makes The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley So Much Fun for the Family

Orlando Shakespeare Theater presents The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley

Introducing children to the beauty of theater can be a little difficult. Shows steered towards children tend to be boring for the parents and shows that are more for the adults are hardly able to entertain the little ones. To find a happy medium is usually difficult. The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley is one of those happy mediums.

My family and I were able to see the show on Saturday (10/25), and we enjoyed every moment of it. The show is based on the popular kid’s book series, Flat Stanley, written by Jeff Brown. It’s about a boy who becomes flat and makes the best of an odd situation. The musical does differ from the book series in how Stanley becomes flat and how he’s cured, but if you aren’t a stickler for continuity (or have never read the books like me) then it really isn’t a big deal.

The show starts with meeting the adorable Lambchop family. Instead of Stanley and his little brother, Arthur, going to bed, they stay up singing about doing great things when a shooting star flies over and Stanley makes a wish to be able to see the world while “doing things no one else has ever seen before.” The next morning, Stanley wakes up to a much flatter self. After talking to the mailman, Mrs. Cortero, Stanley decides to mail himself to visit his friend in California. Once there, he meets a Hollywood producer who sends him to France and Hawaii. After Stanley has his fill of adventures, he decides home in the best place to be.

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Out and About: Cirque du Soleil’s Varekai Entertains All at the Amway Center

Cirque du Soleil Varekai at the Amway Center

Cirque du Soleil shows never fail to entertain, and Varekai, which plays the Amway Center this week, is very entertaining indeed.

Last night was the first night of the show in Orlando, which runs through this Sunday, September 21, and there was a good crowd for a midweek night.

Pre-show entertainment came courtesy of two clowns, Joanna and Steven, who acted as ushers checking out the guests near the stage.

Cirque du Soleil Varekai at the Amway Center

The show itself started with a meeting with a character called The Skywatcher, who is a scientist and inventor. Then many of the characters joined him on the stage, as it was transformed into a magical forest.

This leads into the ending of the classic fable Flight of Icarus, where Icarus falls from the sky as he attempts to fly. He then is lifted up in a net which he uses to perform aerial acrobatics.

Cirque du Soleil Varekai at the Amway Center

Shortly after he meets The Betrothed, and finds himself bewitched by her. The show then segues into the Icarian Games, where the human body becomes a juggling tool in a highly choreographed presentation of strength, balance and agility.

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Out and About: Experiencing the New 25th Anniversary Show at Arabian Nights in Kissimmee

Arabian Nights Kissimmee

This summer, Arabian Nights launched a new dinner show called “The Royal Celebration,” in honor of their 25th anniversary.

We were invited to check out the show this weekend, and we started our visit with the optional VIP tour of the stables. We got to see some of the equipment, as well as one of the horses being painted with neon paint for the show (it looked really cool under the blacklight). Then we wandered down the aisles, saying hello to the horses. Even though the signs said the horses may bite, most welcomed little scritches and light petting, sticking their faces through the bars.

Arabian Nights Kissimmee

After we took our seats in the VIP section (first 3 rows), we ordered our meal. I was pleased to see we had choices, including many that could easily be made vegetarian. They have Kosher menu, too. I ordered the pot roast, as did my friend Patti, and it was served with seasonal vegetables (carrots, pea pods, and broccoli in a butter sauce), mashed potatoes, and a dinner roll. It was all very good and tasty, with the exception of our rolls, which were stale and hard. Other options included pasta, chicken tenders, and pulled pork.

I liked that we were allowed to eat the meal prior to the show. It’s so hard to watch a show, and enjoy a meal at the same time. Dessert (a choice of chocolate or vanilla cake) was served after the show started, but it’s not hard to eat a cake in dimmed lighting.

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Roaming Orlando on a WingFlyer

If you were at the Fireworks at the Fountain on the Fourth of July at Lake Eola, you might have seen a product demonstration for the WingFlyer.

This unique mode of transport is a cross between a scooter and a bicycle, with a touch of a stair stepper exerciser added in. There’s no seat and you ride it standing up, like a scooter. It does have pedals like a bike but instead of a normal circular motion, you step up and down, as if on a stair stepper.


We recently received one from the company to try at our office. It arrived in a smaller box than I thought and it took two of us to put it together – we had to unfold it, connect the handlebars and the step pedals. We had the WingFlyer ready to ride within 20 minutes.
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