Out and About: Dining at Hash House A Go Go for Orlando Restaurant Week #OWRW2013

I was so excited when I heard Hash House A Go Go had finally opened a location in Orlando. My roommate and I always ate at their Vegas locations, because the food was always so good.

Well, this Memorial Weekend, I went with two friends to check out the Orlando location and try out their lunch offering for Orlando Restaurant Week. We loved it.

The ORW lunch menu offered up your choice of one of their one-pound stuffed burgers, their BBBLT sandwich or the Kokomo Meatloaf sandwich, along with your choice of fries or a salad, and a choice of soda or iced tea for only $10 (plus tax).

Hash House A Go Go - Stuffed Burger
Hash House A Go Go – Stuffed Burger

I ordered their stuffed burger with hardwood smoked bacon, avocado and cheddar cheese (though I had the avocado on the side since I’m allergic) with fries, as did my friend Patti (who got my avocado slices). This thing was mondo huge. Seriously…they use steak knives instead of toothpicks to anchor the sandwich together.

It was two half-pound burger patties with the toppings actually stuffed between – and they didn’t skimp on the ingredients, as the cheese just oozed all over and I counted 4 slices of bacon. It was served on a bun with lettuce, tomato and red onion.

It was so much food, especially with the side of fries, that neither of us could get through more than half of the burger.

Hash House A Go Go - BBBLT sandwich
Hash House A Go Go – BBBLT sandwich

Rhonda ordered the BBBLT with fries. The BBB stood for bacon, bacon, and bacon, served on a wedge of iceburg lettuce and several slices of tomato, in between two large slices of old fashioned milk bread (a white bread that was soft in the center and crunchy on the outside from being griddled first). She was really happy with her sandwich, too, but also ended up taking home half of it.

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Out and About: Trying the New Menu Items at Bar Louie Orlando

Wednesday, May 22, I headed over to Bar Louie Orlando to try out some of their new menu items with two friends.

We ended up there during happy hour, but the restaurant was also running a special where if you bought one of the new menu items, you got another menu item of equal value free.

It was just our luck that the new Firecracker Flatbread was on the happy hour 1/2 price appetizer menu. We ordered that, along with the Verde Chicken Flatbread (also happy hour priced), and some Bacon Cheeseburger sliders.

Bar Louie Orlando Firecracker Flatbread

We all loved the new Firecracker Flatbread ($6 happy hour price). This flatbread has an Asian flair to it, as it was topped with five spice beef, spring onion pork, mozzarella, provolone, szechwan sauce, diced red bell pepper, julienned carrots, cilantro, basil, green onion, and sesame seeds. It was a little spicy, but in a good way, and had a lot of flavor.

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Out and About: Lime’s Mexican Grill Serves Up Tasty Food in Dr. Phillips

Tucked away in a corner of Phillips Crossing (where Whole Foods Market is located) in Dr. Phillips is a new-ish eatery that serves up tasty Tex-Mex, relatively fast, at prices that won’t give you sticker shock.

That place is Lime’s Mexican Grill and both times I’ve visited, I’ve enjoyed my meal.

While Lime’s is a sit-down eatery, it follows more of a cantina-style way of ordering. You line up at the register, order from the menu, pay, and then within 10 or 15 minutes, they bring out your order to your table.

I had the queso burrito with chicken ($7.99), which was a two-hand sized item stuffed with grilled chicken, beans, rice, jalapenos and melted queso cheese. You can also have it with ground seasoned beef or for $1.50 more, grilled steak. My roommate had the steak version, and we both enjoyed the burritos. My other friend, Carol, had the tortilla soup ($3.99), which had a tomato-based broth, and declared it one of the best versions of the soup she’s had. She also had a single ground beef taco ($3), which she enjoyed.

One thing I really liked about Lime’s Mexican Grill was the hot sauce bar, which had at least 30 bottles of hot sauce, from sweet and mild to peel the lining off the roof of your mouth hot. The restaurant also has four flavors of its own brand of hot sauce. I particularly enjoyed the garlic-habanero one.

The second is the salsa bar. Again, offerings included both mild and hot flavors, as well as a black bean & corn version and a pico de gallo. Since all of our dishes were served with chips, we had a chance to try most of the salsas, and a good deal of the hot sauces.

We decided to forgo alcoholic drinks, but they do have frozen margaritas (regular flavor) and frozen sangria, along with beer and mini-bottles of wine. I should also mention they do have a Monday through Friday happy hour, from 4pm-7pm, where beer and the frozen drinks are discounted between $2.50 to $4.

Speaking of discounts, be sure to check in on Foursquare, as there are sometimes dining deals when ordering.

So far, the only thing I haven’t liked is the seating. There are a few booths, but most of the interior seating is bar tables with stools that I have to climb up into, due the fact I have short legs. There are some regular restaurant tables, but they’re mostly outside.

Other than that, I enjoyed eating here and would do so again. Check it out if you’re in the neighborhood.

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