Aquatica Waterpark Teases New Attraction As Tallest of Its Type in Orlando

This weekend, Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Waterpark, sent out an email teaser about a new attraction for the park.

Aquatica OrlandoIt was accompanied by an image of a height-test balloon, which is used by theme parks to check sight lines for new attractions. It was tagged 105 feet.

According to the email, the new attraction, as yet unnamed, will be “the tallest water thrill ride of its type in Orlando.” No further information on what type of water thrill ride it will be.

It sounds like it might be one of those tall drop slides, similar to Summit Plummet at Disney World’s Blizzard Beach. though that one is said to be 120-feet-tall, so if Aquatica’s is the tallest of its type, it will have to be different in some way.

Any guesses as to what you think it might be?

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