Out and About: A Night in New Orleans Presented by the Orlando Shakespeare Theater

This afternoon (Nov 3), we were blessed to be able to go to the Orlando Shakespeare Theatre’s production of “A Night in New Orleans: A Magic Tree House Adventure”. It is a jazz musical for young audiences.

A Night in New Orleans: A Magic Tree House AdventureWe took our kids ages 8 and 5. They have been to concerts and a ballet, as well as shows at the theme parks, but I was unsure about a play. That’s where I forgot the joy of live theatre and how interactive it can be.

It was performed in their black box theater, the Margeson Theater, a very intimate setting. That made it all the more fun. There were four cushions on the floor for kids to come sit on during the show. Our kids left us for the floor right away. They had the best seats in the house, if you ask me!

The show starts with a big commercial for their sponsors. I don’t like this as, to me, it takes away from the show. But I do understand the need to advertise your sponsors. Once that was done, it went right into the show.

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