Did SeaWorld Try To Skew Online Poll Regarding Blackfish Controversy?

Orca face

A few days ago, the Orlando Business Journal published a poll that asked, ” Has CNN’s “Blackfish” documentary changed your perception of SeaWorld?” Initially, the voting registered in favor of No, it had no impact.

However, when the reporter who posted it looked at the initial batch of votes, he discovered more than half the votes in the poll were from SeaWorld’s IP address.

When asked about this anomaly, a SeaWorld spokesman told the Orlando Business Journal that the company encourages its employees to make their opinions known about the park and company.

I took the poll just prior to posting this article, and as of Saturday morning, had swung back to 79% Yes, 21% No. Over 1,500 votes had been cast. There is still time to cast yours, if you want, at the OBJ website.

Since the release of “Blackfish,” SeaWorld has had to deal with issues from losing acts for its Bands, Brew & BBQ event scheduled for next month, to picketing at its entrance. SeaWorld countered with an open letter promoting its animal care policies.

It looks like this may be an issue that will continue for a while. But go vote and let it be known how you feel.

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