Legoland Florida Confirms Star Wars Addition

Yesterday, we reported on a teaser video sent out by Legoland Florida regarding an upcoming expansion.


We speculated it would be an addition of a Star Wars area to the Miniland section of the park.

This morning, Legoland Florida confirmed this, as they announced they were expanding the park to include a Star Wars Miniland.

During the morning announcement, Legoland Florida GM Adrian Jones revealed a massive Millennium Falcon replica, as well a a life-sized Darth Maul.

The Star Wars Miniland will be crafted from 1.5 million Lego bricks and it will become the eighth interactive area in the park’s Miniland USA attraction. This area features Lego recreations of famous American cities, like New York and San Francisco.

Legoland Florida says it expects to open the expansion in November 2012.

[Photo courtesy of Legoland Florida]

Legoland Florida Hints at New Star Wars Attraction

Legoland Florida plans to announce another expansion of the theme park this week, and judging by the teaser video sent out to media outlets yesterday, it’s going to have a Star Wars theme.


The video shows a scrolling yellow type over a star-and-galaxy background, reminiscent of the scroll featured at the beginning of every Star Wars movie.

“In two days’ time in a galaxy 45 minutes away … the esteemed council of Legoland Florida will reveal a top-secret expansion taking place within the park in the year 2012,” the announcement states.

Legoland’s California theme park, by San Diego, already has a Star Wars display in its Miniland section, and it’s impressive. It includes scenes from the six-live action films and the animated “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” movie/TV series.

So my guess is that the Central Florida park will be getting its own Star Wars Miniland area.

Legoland Florida said it will announce the details of the expansion tomorrow (9/6) at 10:30am.

May the Force be With Us!

[Photo courtesy of Legoland California]

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