Out and About: Tony Roma’s Introduces New Menu Items for Fall 2013

Earlier this week, I participated in a dinner with many of my fellow Central Florida bloggers, and during it, we got to sample some of the new menu items at Tony Roma’s restaurants.

We started with Cranberry Romaritas, a signature margarita, while waiting for everyone to arrive. There was also an option to sample Sam Adam’s Octoberfest beer, which would feature as an ingredient in one of the menu items we were to try later.

Tony Roma's Screaming Cheese
Tony Roma’s Screaming Cheese

The brought out three appetizers for us to try. The first was called Screaming Cheese. I grew up on fried cheese (curds, mozzarella, etc), and Tony Roma’s version didn’t disappoint. It had slightly spicy cream cheese inside, so it was creamy soft inside and crispy outside from being fried, and plated with marinara sauce. Very tasty.

Tony Roma's Buffalo Chicken Eggrolls
Tony Roma’s Buffalo Chicken Eggrolls

Next up was Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls with Goat Cheese sauce. If you like Buffalo chicken wings, you’ll enjoy this variation. Inside the fried wonton wrappers was a spicy chicken mixture, with crumbles of bleu cheese on top.

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Out and About: Trying the New Menu Items at Bar Louie Orlando

Wednesday, May 22, I headed over to Bar Louie Orlando to try out some of their new menu items with two friends.

We ended up there during happy hour, but the restaurant was also running a special where if you bought one of the new menu items, you got another menu item of equal value free.

It was just our luck that the new Firecracker Flatbread was on the happy hour 1/2 price appetizer menu. We ordered that, along with the Verde Chicken Flatbread (also happy hour priced), and some Bacon Cheeseburger sliders.

Bar Louie Orlando Firecracker Flatbread

We all loved the new Firecracker Flatbread ($6 happy hour price). This flatbread has an Asian flair to it, as it was topped with five spice beef, spring onion pork, mozzarella, provolone, szechwan sauce, diced red bell pepper, julienned carrots, cilantro, basil, green onion, and sesame seeds. It was a little spicy, but in a good way, and had a lot of flavor.

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