Iron Man Movie Marathon to be Held By AMC Theatres and Regal Cinemas Nationwide, Including Orlando Area


One of the biggest movies of 2013 will be Iron Man 3, which hits theaters May 3. But if you’re an uber-fan of Iron Man (like me), then you’ll want to take part in the special Iron Man movie marathon being held by both AMC Theatres and Regal Cinemas in the Central Florida area on May 2.

The event starts at 1pm with the original Iron Man movie, then you get to see Iron Man 2, The Avengers in 3D, and finally, you get to see Iron Man 3 in 3D at 9pm.

AMC Theatres marathon price is $30, and include a collectible lanyard and special edition RealD 3D glasses (four different Iron Man/Tony Stark themed designs). If you are an AMC Stubs rewards program member, you’ll also get $5 in Bonus Bucks to use on the day of the event.

I did notice the AMC Downtown Disney Fork and Dine theater showing of the marathon is $45, but it doesn’t appear you get anything additional besides a reserved seat and the ability to order food at your seat during the marathon for an additional cost.

Regal Cinemas will also be showing the Iron Man marathon, and their tickets are also $30, but only if you’re a member of their free Regal Crown Club program and purchase at the box office of one of their theaters. RCC members also receive a coupon good for an Iron Man Combo of a medium popcorn and medium drink for only $5. Online ticket sales and non-RCC member tickets will be priced at $35. [Edit 4/12: Due to the sharp eyes of a CSO reader, it appears a line about free 3D glasses has been added to the Regal marathon offering, but it’s only on the page where you can buy tickets. See comments for more info.]

I’ll be at the Iron Man 3 marathon at AMC Downtown Disney. Are you going? Let me know in comments.

In the meantime, here’s a trailer for Iron Man 3 (It’s the UK version, so it has a different date on it):

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