Out and About: MegaCon 2016 – The Panels Part One

MegaCon 2016 - William Shatner, Hayley Atwell, John Cusack, and Ming-Na Wen

Memorial Day weekend thousands of people took over the Orange County Convention Center for MegaCon 2016, and I was one of them!

The four day event featured lots of great cosplay, genre-themed panels, and merchandise to buy. But one of the main highlights of the weekend for me were the celebrity panels, where we were able to spend time with our favorite actors, and even ask questions if we were fast enough to line up for the microphones.

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Out and About: MegaCon 2016 – The Cosplay

Cosplay is not Consent sign at MegaCon 2016

The thing I like most about genre fan conventions is seeing all the cosplay, and there was plenty to admire at MegaCon 2016 in Orlando this Memorial Weekend.

What is Cosplay?

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Cosplay is a contraction of the words costume and roleplay. It refers to the use of costumes and accessories to transform into a character from a favorite fandom.

Most cosplay inspiration is derived from anime, comic books and cartoons, video games, and sci-fi/fantasy/horror movies, TV, and books. And at MegaCon 2016, there was a lot of inspired cosplay.

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