Tour through History on June 9 with Leonardo Da Vinci and Titanic Attractions

On Tuesday, June 9, the Leonardo Da Vinci and Titanic attractions in Orlando will band together for a day of fun history.

Leonardo da Vinci: Man-Inventor-Artist-Genius ... inventions

Start your journey at 10am by learning about Da Vinci and his creative inventions and art, then embark on an ill-fated cruise aboard the legendary ship Titanic. Special program activities will help bring the stories to life with hands-on learning and fun.

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New Leonardo da Vinci Exhibit Debuting on International Drive in April 2015

Sponsored by EMS Entertainment, a travelling exhibit dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci will be debuting on International Drive in Orlando this spring.

Leonardo da Vinci: Man-Inventor-Artist-Genius exhibit on I-Drive in Orlando

Featuring 40 models of his most innovative inventions, and 23 replications of his most famous artworks, Leonardo da Vinci: Man-Inventor-Artist-Genius is a unique exhibit offering a glimpse into one of history’s greatest minds via his art, music, and more.

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