Out and About: Pepper, Grieves, and RDGLDGRN at House of Blues Sept 12, 2013

Last night I headed out to the House of Blues to check out the triple bill of Pepper, Grieves, and RDGLDGRN. I got there shortly before 8pm, and was able to get a prime spot on the lower level against a railing, that had me eye level with the stage.

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Those that got there early were able to check out the first act, RDGLDGRN. I like this band. The trio (along with a guest drummer) powered through a set that got the crowd dancing and waving their hands to the beat. I was disappointed they didn’t do my fave song, “Lootin’ in London,” but the rest of their set was tight, despite a temporary mic problem during one song. Good band – you should check them out.


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