Green Fest 2011 to be Held at Universal Orlando on November 19

Normally theme parks conjure up mental pictures of excess and over-the-top fun. But at part of its parent company’s “Green is Universal” campaign for November, Universal Orlando will be holding an event that celebrates environmentally-friendly living.

On Saturday, November 19, Universal will hold Green Fest 2011 at CityWalk, from noon to 6pm.

During the event, there will be eco-friendly vendors with free samples and organic merchandise for sale, including food and drink.

Orlando band Lighter Exchange will be providing free entertainment during the event, too.

There is no charge to attend Green Fest 2011 itself, since it’s outdoors at CityWalk, but you’ll still need to pay to park at the Universal Orlando parking garage. Currently, that charge is $15 per vehicle (a great excuse to carpool to this eco-friendly event).

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