Grand Reef Opens at Discovery Cove in Orlando on June 10

Discovery Cove is a really unique park in Orlando in that you get to have real interaction with a lot of marine animals. You don’t just get to look in the tank, or maybe stick a hand in. You suit up and actually get to be in the water with the marine life yourself.

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This week, on Friday, June 10, Discovery Cove opens up a new section, called The Grand Reef. You can wade in the shallows, snorkle deeper to see the fish or you can actually be under the water.

In a new experience to the park, guests can take park in SeaVenture, an underwater walking tour. Guests will wear dive helmets so they can walk along the deep bottom, encountering schools of fish, rays and even see lionfish and sharks (behind massive panoramic windows). Participants do not need to be scuba certified.

If you’ve never been to Discovery Cove. it’s a full-day experience where you can swim with marine life, hand-feed exotic birds, snorkle or just relax on the beach surrounding the lagoons. I’ve done it, and it’s so much fun!

Florida resident rates for a day at Discovery Cove start at $199, and includes your meals, snacks and beverages, wet suit rental and swim/snorkle gear. The price also includes a 14-day unlimited pass to Sea World, Aquatica or Busch Gardens Tampa (it must be used in conjunction with the Discovery Cove admission), and a swim experience with the dolphins.

For $50 more, you can upgrade that 14-day pass to include all three extra parks. There are also discounts for children and for visits without the dolphin interaction.

Add the new Grand Reef SeaVenture to any package for an additional $59.

For more information, or to purchase a day at the park, visit the Discovery Cove website.

Discovery Cove Unveils Details of New Attraction

SeaWorld’s sister park Discovery Cove has announced plans for a new interactive area of the park called Grand Reef.

Inspired by reefs from around the world, the experience will offer different levels of exploration for guests.

For the timid, simply stepping into the water will offer a chance to interact with the fish.  Explore a little further by snorkeling in the deeper areas.

But for the full experience, guests will have the opportunity to take the optional underwater walking tour called SeaVenture.

Guests who pay an additional fee will be able to strap on dive helmets and walk underwater. They’ll come across lionfish and sharks (safely behind massive panoramic windows), one-on-one touches with unique animals and schools of fish and gentle rays swimming by.

Plans are to have Grand Reef open for guests in 2011. No word if admission prices will raise when this new attraction opens.

Discovery Cove announced the Grand Reef with this video on YouTube:

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