Out and About: The Four Seasons Food Truck Tour at Four Seasons Resort Orlando #FSFoodTruck


Four Seasons Resorts food truck tour

Yesterday afternoon we headed out to the Four Seasons Orlando Resort at Walt Disney World. It’s a stunning place, but we were there to check out the Four Seasons Food Truck, which made a stop at the resort as part of it’s east coast tour.

The menu was prepared by Executive Chef Fabrizio Schenardi of the resort’s Ravello restaurant, and had a distinctive Italian flair.

Arancini al Brasato - Four Seasons Resort Orlando

We tried several items off the menu. The first was Arancini al Brasato, a ball of risotto with braised short rib and peas inside, coated in breadcrumbs and fried. It just exploded with flavor in my mouth. Everything was well-balanced, and I could’ve eaten these all day. Thankfully we only had two in the order, and there were other things to try.

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Happy Hour at Crave Orlando

My roommate and I noticed the other day that there was another new restaurant, Crave, over by Millenia, so we decided to try out their happy hour for a cheap early dinner today. It’s right next to the TGIFridays on the corner of Conroy and Millenia.

We went in and were sat at a booth in the bar. We almost got derailed because it seems Mondays are also Burger & Malt night, where the restaurant has a special menu of burgers and malts/shakes available. The specialty menu even had “adult” malts with alcohol. But we decided to save it for a future visit.

Not knowing how big the food portions were on the happy hour menu, we decided to order three items. We tried the Mini-Burger ($3), the Loaded Waffle Fries ($4) and the Korean Chicken Nuggets ($4).

The burger came cooked to order, topped with bacon and cheese melting off the side of the burger onto the Ciabatta bread. It was served with a side of root vegetable chips that tasted like they had just come out of the fryer. We agreed this would be a good-sized portion for one person.

The waffle fries were good, but a bit greasy. They were topped with chunks of mostly lean bacon and melted cheddar cheese. They were OK, but nothing spectacular.

We both agreed the chicken was the best of the three appetizers. The chicken was cut into bite-sized pieces, coated with Tempura batter and deep-fried. Then they were coated in a red sweet/spicy Miso sauce and served atop a small pile of mixed greens. Not being a huge fan of Miso, I didn’t think I’d like it, but I found the sauce to be just the right blend of sweet and spicy. The portion was definitely enough for a meal, but a small bit of white rice on the side would definitely kick this dish up a notch.

We both topped off the Happy Hour meal with a $3 Leinie Sunset Wheat on draft. Being from Wisconsin, we both get excited when we see our fave indie brewery on tap somewhere. Total with tax and tip came to about $22, which is pretty good for two. I think next time we’ll skip the waffle fries.

The service was good here, too, and if you miss the 3-6pm happy hour, it starts back up again at 9pm. The atmosphere was upscale bistro, and I would imagine they get quite packed on weekend evenings.

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A Taste of Pinkberry in Orlando

Pinkberry frozen yogurt has been a west coast favorite for years and has a high profile in the tabloids due to all its celebrity fans. But it’s slowly been branching out across the country and this week, opened its first Florida location here in the Orlando area.

Thursday (Aug 19), the store hosted a “Pinkberry Preview Party” where hundreds lined up for a free sample and a chance to spin the prize wheel. I drove by, but not being one to stand in long lines, I decided to come back the next day to try it out.

My friend and I arrived around 2:30pm to a mostly empty store. By the time we sat down, the line at the counter went out the door and wound around the corner to the Starbucks. Talk about great timing!

Pinkberry premium frozen yogurt is made with real nonfat yogurt and nonfat milk that is rBST hormone free. The person who waited on us was kind enough to let us sample all six flavors of Pinkberry: Original, a tangy sweet yogurt; Coconut, which tasted like frozen coconut milk; Pomegranate, made with 100% California-grown pure pomegranate juice; Mango, made with mango puree; Chocolate, which was rich tasting; and Passionfruit, a seasonal flavor. All were really good, and I liked that Pinkberry’s yogurt has a tartness to it. I hate when frozen yogurt is so sweet I feel like I’ve just eaten a ton of sugar.

Another thing I liked about Pinkberry is that in addition to candy and cookie-like toppings, you could choose to have more nutritious options like fresh fruit. There is an additional charge to have toppings, but it’s unlimited for one price, instead of a surcharge for each item.

Speaking of prices, Pinkberry’s yogurt comes in four sizes – mini, small, medium and large – and starts at $1.95 for a mini Original with no toppings and goes up to $7.95 for a large flavored with toppings.

I had a small Pomegranate Pinkberry with kiwi fruit, blackberries, honey almond  granola and a drizzle of honey ($4.95). The combination of the tart pomegranate with the thick honey offset each other just right. The fruit and granola gave the yogurt a nice texture and flavor, too. I’d give it a 10 out of 10.

My friend had the Chocolate Pinkberry with Mochi (a Japanese rice cake that tastes like a gourmet marshmallow), mixed nuts, yogurt chips and crushed waffle cone bits ($4.95). From the speed in which she ate it, I’d say she’d give hers a 10 out of 10, too.

Besides the great taste and flexibility with toppings, I also have to give thumbs up to the service.

There were two things I didn’t like, though. The music was so loud and bass-heavy, I felt like I should be in a club, not a food shop. Combine that with everybody trying to talk over the music and it was just one big wall of noise. If it wasn’t so hot outside, I would’ve moved to one of the patio tables to get away from the loudness.

Secondly, while there were only five tables inside, there were no trash cans. Outside there were several, but inside, none.

But those things aside, the frozen yogurt is definitely worth the trip.

Pinkberry is in The Marketplace at Dr. Phillips (7600 Dr. Phillips Blvd.), on the corner of Dr. Phillips Boulevard and Sand Lake Road. They can be reached by phone at 407-354-0890.

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