Aquatica Releases Name for New Water Thrill Ride and Second Teaser Video #NothingTaller

Ihu's Breakaway Falls

A few weeks ago, Aquatica released a sneak peek video for it’s upcoming new water thrill ride. Now the park has released a new teaser video, and announced the name for the new ride.

It will be called Ihu’s Breakaway Falls. The drop slide ride is named after Ihu, Aquatica Orlandoโ€™s colorful gecko, who searches for the biggest thrills, steepest hills and the coolest spills in the waterpark.

The teaser video reveals that in addition to being a drop slide, it will be a multi-slide ride. In the video three people are side-by-side, and then each drops.

Here is the video:


Are you looking forward to riding Ihu’s Breakaway Falls?

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