Aquatica Releases Name for New Water Thrill Ride and Second Teaser Video #NothingTaller

Ihu's Breakaway Falls

A few weeks ago, Aquatica released a sneak peek video for it’s upcoming new water thrill ride. Now the park has released a new teaser video, and announced the name for the new ride.

It will be called Ihu’s Breakaway Falls. The drop slide ride is named after Ihu, Aquatica Orlando’s colorful gecko, who searches for the biggest thrills, steepest hills and the coolest spills in the waterpark.

The teaser video reveals that in addition to being a drop slide, it will be a multi-slide ride. In the video three people are side-by-side, and then each drops.

Here is the video:


Are you looking forward to riding Ihu’s Breakaway Falls?

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