Out and About: A Review of Downtown Snow Company at Downtown Disney

Downtown Snow Company

The walk between Downtown Disney‘s West Side and the Marketplace can be long, especially with the sun blazing in an afternoon sky.

As we rounded Raglan Road, heading towards the Marketplace, my friend and I needed something cold. We were looking for a drink stand when I spied the Downtown Snow Company kiosk next to Fulton’s Crab House.

I love snowcones to begin with, but when I saw they had a wedding cake flavor, I had to have one.

They have two sizes,the $3.50 one, which my friend and I shared, and a slightly larger one for $4.50. It tasted like wedding cake frosting, so it was very sweet. But it was delicious, and just the thing we needed to cool us down for the rest of the walk over to Once Upon a Toy.

Have you tried this kiosk? What flavor did you try?

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