Out and About: Previewing Noodles & Company in Lake Buena Vista Ahead of March 3 Opening

Noodles & Company menu boards

Noodles & Company has many locations around the country, but on March 3, they are opening their first Orlando-area location in Lake Buena Vista, and we went to try it out.

Located in the Crossroads Shopping Plaza, at the intersection of State Rd 535 and Hotel Plaza Blvd, near Downtown Disney, this restaurant offers a variety of noodle and pasta dishes, as well as soups, salads, and sandwiches.

There is a huge menu board on the wall leading from the entrance to the counter, so you have plenty of time to decide what to eat. There are also smaller menus you can carry in line.

Noodles & Company Bangkok Curry
Noodles & Company Bangkok Curry

One of the best things about Noodle & Company’s menu is that each dish is customizable. You can add meat (pork, steak, grilled chicken or seafood) or have it vegetarian. You can also request things be omitted from the dish, because each one is cooked to order.

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