The Organizes Orlando Food Truck Bazaar in March

Food trucks are the new gourmet eateries of this decade. They’ve far eclipsed the old stereotype of a run-down vehicle with a haphazard kitchen set-up serving up cold sandwiches and greasy fries.

In cities around America, people are flocking to check out the new food trucks. Many are run by top-notch cooks and chefs who have bypassed renting a building to serve their culinary creations in, and are out on the streets, serving up well-created small menus to hungry patrons who seek them out in parking lots or wherever they find a place to put the truck in park long enough to cook.

Well, there happens to be quite a young food truck scene happening right here in Orlando.

To help introduce the hungry denizens of this city to these restaurants on wheels, fellow Orlando blog The Daily City has organized a Food Truck Bazaar for Tuesday, March 29.

Rather than seek out each truck’s location, all participating food trucks will be in one spot for a few hours.

Who’s participating? Take a gander at this list (current as of this posting):

Stop drooling on your computer, folks.

So show up at Discovery Church at 4400 S. Orange Ave in Orlando, from 7pm to 10pm and come armed with:

  • Cash – The trucks don’t take credit or debit cards.
  • Seating – It’s bring your own, so grab a lawnchair, stool or be prepared to sit on your car to eat.
  • An empty tummy – there’s going to be a lot of food you’ll want to try

I think it’ll be a fun event and I’m looking forward to checking it out.

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