Out and About: AMC Downtown Disney 24 Opens Dine-In Theaters

If you’ve been to Downtown Disney in recent weeks, you may have noticed that the AMC Downtown Disney 24 theaters end closest to Planet Hollywood has been closed for remodeling.

Well, the wraps are off and it turns out that they’ve turned that end into their newest concept: Dine-In Theaters.

The six theaters on the east side of the building have been totally renovated to allow people to have actual meals while watching the movie.

Each theater has reserved seating and an extensive menu of food, from appetizers to entrees. Orders will be taken prior to the start of the movie, and then if you need anything (drink refills, etc.), you press a call-button that alerts your server.

I attended a sneak preview yesterday, on Sunday, and though the movies were booked, I was able to partake in some of the food offerings.

My friend and I ordered the loaded potato skins ($7.99) and the queso and tri-color chips ($6.99) appetizers. Both were good, served in a portion that was worth the price.

For the entrees, we shared the Thai coconut chicken tenders ($11.99). There were six tenders, with a crunchy sweet coating of the batter, served with a coconut sweet chili sauce for dipping. It was accompanied by fries and a house-made ponzu sauce for dipping (a lemon and soy sauce mixture). The chicken and fries were good, but I really loved the chili sauce dipper. My friend really liked the ponzu. So I guess it was the sauces that really made this dish.

We also split the smoked brisket quesadilla entree ($10.99). There were two large quesadillas, cut into eight quarters, filled with a really tasty beef brisket, and a mixture of cheddar and montery jack cheeses. It was served with salsa and sour cream and was easily the best dish of everything we tried.

I should also mention that service during our visit was top notch. Our server, Vicky, was right on top of everything and there was very little lag on things like refills. While waiting for our drinks, we also were approached by two other servers making sure we had been taken care of. Great, friendly staff is a plus.

Some photos of our food:
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