Loews Portofino Bay Hotel Now Offers Despicable Me Kids’ Suites

Despicable Me kids' suites

Do you love the Minions from Despicable Me? If so, then you’ll love the new Despicable Me kids’ suites offered by Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando.

The rooms feature Minion wallpaper, Minion window dressing, and even custom missle beds for the kids to sleep in. The suites also feature a regular king bedroom for the adults, for a total of 650-675 square feet. If the beds were big enough, I think I’d want to sleep with the minions.

The hotel has even put together this cute video showing the Minions helping in assembling a suite:


Universal Orlando Celebrates Announcement of Despicable Me Attraction with Flash Mob

To celebrate the announcement by Universal Orlando that it will add a new attraction based on the hit animated movie Despicable Me, several Universal Studios employees, along with a couple of Gru’s minions, staged a Flash Mob show outside the entrance.

Themed to the classic disco song  “Boogie Fever,” by the Sylvers, (which was used in the movie) the group surprised park goers with the seemingly impromptu dance.

Here’s a video, courtesy of Universal Orlando, of the event.

Universal Orlando Announces New Despicable Me Attraction; Update on Spider-Man

This morning, Universal Orlando held a press conference to announce the addition of one new attraction and an update to another already established one.


The new attraction will be based on last year’s blockbuster 3D CGI film, Despicable Me. The film will become the first-ever Universal animated film to be transformed into a theme park experience (Shrek is a Dreamworks Animation film).

In the new story, which will be animated for the attraction, Gru, one of the world’s greatest super-villains, is bringing his high-tech empire – and his three adopted daughters – to Universal Studios, and he is looking for all the help he can get.

Guests will be transformed into an army of Gru’s mischievous minions and the attraction will include a minion-inspired, interactive dance party.

Despicable Me will replace Jimmy Neutron, which is located inside the Universal Studios side of Universal Orlando. The attraction is set to open sometime in 2012.

Over on the Islands of Adventure side of Universal Orlando, the popular attraction, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man is getting a visual update with the addition of HD.

From the Universal press release:

The newly reanimated, high-definition experience will unfold within the attraction’s towering visual spaces – taking on even larger than larger-than-life proportions.  The new digital animation – combined with the new Infitec system and new set enhancements – will transform what is already one of the most technologically advanced attractions ever created into what will feel like an all-new experience.

The animation is being done in 4K high definition, the highest HD resolution available right now. This will bring a whole new clarity to the visuals, making the 3D appear to be even closer.

2012 is when the updated animation will start running in the attraction.

It looks like all three areas of Universal Orlando will be getting updates, as earlier this month, they announced the addition of mini-golf at CityWalk.

[Images courtesy of Universal Orlando]

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