Make Taverna Opa Orlando’s Brandy Baklava at Home

November 17th is National Baklava Day, and in addition to offering complementary baklava to diners to celebrate the day, Taverna Opa Orlando has kindly shared with us the recipe for their Brandy Baklava beverage.

Brandy Baklava by Taverna Opa Orlando

The cocktail has only a few ingredients and only two types of alcohol. Here is the complete recipe:

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American Q Offers New Holiday Drinks and Dessert for December

American Q Offers New Holiday Drinks and Dessert

As if the scrumptious BBQ and other food offerings weren’t enough reason to visit American Q at the b resort & spa, this month they are offering a new holiday themed drinks and dessert.

Fresh from the bar, guests can enjoy the American Q Holiday Toddy. This coffee drink is made with Zaya Gran Reserva Rum, smoked eggnog foam, shaved chocolate, and a dust of fresh grated nutmeg. Also from the bar is the Bourbon and Bacon Hot Cocoa, which is garnished with American Q’s heavenly Swine Candy.

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