Johnson’s Diner Has Closed

One of Orlando’s long-running soul food restaurants has closed its doors for good.

Johnson’s Diner opened several decades ago in a tiny building that could only fit ten tables in the Parramore neighborhood. In recent years, it had moved to a bigger spot near the new Amway Arena, but that also brought about bigger bills.

According to an interview in the Orlando Sentinel, co-owner Clarence Taylor said even though the diner was popular with celebrities, politicians and sports stars, they were about $60,000 behind in rent. He attributes this to a mixture of the road construction for the new arena (which blocked access to the restaurant) and the bad economy.

I never had a chance to eat there, but I do know it was often featured on Food Network shows and raved about.

Hopefully Taylor and his family will be able to regroup and reopen elsewhere at a later date.

Did you ever eat at Johnson’s Diner? If so, what did you think of the restaurant?

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