2013 Astronaut Hall of Fame Ceremony at Kennedy Space Center Honors New Inductees; Sets Milestone for Women Astronauts

More than 20 elite astronauts, all members of the Astronaut Hall of Fame, met at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex on Saturday, April 20, 2013, to welcome the newest inductees into the Hall of Fame.

Bonnie Dunbar, Curt Brown and Eileen Collins (pictured left to right) are the 2013 inductees into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame.

This celebration marked the first time that two women have entered the Hall of Fame at the same time, with the induction of Bonnie Dunbar and Eileen Collins, alongside fellow shuttle astronaut Curt Brown. With this year’s inductions, the Astronaut Hall of Fame now has 85 members, including space pioneers such as Alan Shepard, John Glenn, Sally Ride, Neil Armstrong, and John Young.

Obviously, it is no small feat to be selected to join such a prestigious group of astronauts, and this is only the 12th group of nominees to receive such honors. The list of achievements of these three astronauts is indicative of the type of dedication and experience required to attain such status.

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