Out and About: A Review of Little New Orleans Kitchen & Oyster Bar

We were so excited to see a new cajun restaurant opening in town. We have missed having a really good one here in Orlando. Others have tried, but haven’t succeded in filling the niche that Jockamos had when it closed. So we had high hopes for the newly opened Little New Orleans Kitchen & Oyster Bar on South O.B.T.

When we first arrived, our party of 5 were asked to sit at the counter. However, since we had two young children among us, we asked for a table instead. The larger tables are in the back of the restaurant, so that is where our group had to go.

It smelled so good when we opened the door, that we were excited. I had stopped by earlier in the week to inquire if they had LIVE crawfish as it is season right now. I was told they could order some for us. I asked to have 4 lbs for us when we came back on Saturday. I was told that would be fine, and they’d see us on Saturday.

When we arrived though, they did not have the LIVE crawfish that I ordered. They did have the frozen kind, however that is just not the same. But, they did give us a couple lbs of frozen on the house to make up for not having the live. We also ordered etouffee, boiled shrimp & crab, and beignets. The food was good, and it could be spicy or not, dependent on your taste.

The etouffee was good but spicy. Almost too hot for me, but I still ate it even though I don’t like things very spicy. The crab tasted fresh and was not overcooked. My husband, Kirk, said that the frozen crawfish were good. Not as good as fresh, but still good.

Our friend, Susan, who was with us, ordered boiled shrimp and she said, “Omg, this place is fantastic cajun. This restaurant had some of the best cajun boiled shrimp I’ve ever had. It’s definitely worth coming to!”

The service was okay, but it could have been better. The kitchen had no sense of timing. The boiled crawfish and shrimp came out first, then the etouffee, with the crab and shrimp coming last.

The menu does not list kids meals, but they did have chicken tenders. Our kids love seafood, however I wanted the tenders instead. They came out of the kitchen last and did not come with fries. Our server came to check on us only once and only asked to refill our drinks very near the end of our meal.

I should note that the restaurant has been open for less than 1 month, so I’m sure time will iron out some of the major issues. We will be back to give them another try, and I’ll try to order the live crawfish again. I’ll also have to try a Po-boy. The family next to us did and it looked really good.

Little New Orleans is located at 9741 S Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando. You can phone them at 407-438-6990. Hours are 11am to 9pm Monday through Thursday and 11am to 10pm on Friday and Saturday.

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