OrlandoiX is Only One Month Away…Are You Ready?

Hard to believe it’s only one month until OrlandoiX makes The City Beautiful a tech wonderland. What? You haven’t heard of OrlandoiX?


OrlandoiX is Orlando’s International Digital Festival that will feature five days of conferences and exhibitions showcasing advancements in interactive media, digital arts, and entertainment technology. It will run from October 3 through 6 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

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OrlandoiX Announces Search for the Best Geek Band #OrlandoiX15

OrlandoiX, an international digital festival to be held in Orlando from October 2-6, 2015, announced today it is searching for the best geek band.

OrlandoiX The Battle of the Geek Bands

These bands are wanted to compete in The Battle of the Geek Bands on Saturday, October 3, with the winner getting to headline a performance the next night, Sunday, October 4. .

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